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  • Brazilian Industry - Brazilian business climate index grows to the highest level since 2013

    The confidence of Brazilian industrial companies increased significantly in September 2017. The business climate index reached a level of 55.7 points, an increase of 3.1 points against the month of August. The index reached the highest level since...
  • Industry - Entrepreneurs regain confidence

    The Business Confidence Index (ICEI) edged up between January and February 2017 to 53.1 points. As a result, the index is up by 3.1 points from the 50-point dividing line between confidence and lack of confidence. Compared with February 2016, the index...
  • Brazilian industry investing less and less

    The persistent difficulties faced by industry continue to have an increasingly negative impact on investments. At 74%, the share of companies that invested in 2015 hit a record low since the survey’s historical series began in 2010. Over half of these...
  • Industry - Confidence keeps growing

    Industrial confidence grew once again. The Business Confidence Index (ICEI) hit the mark of 54.0 points in March, the highest level since January 2014. The index is up by 4.0 points from the 50-point dividing line and by 16.6 points from the same month...
  • Brazilian Industry - Confidence holding virtually steady

    The Business Confidence Index (ICEI) has been hovering around 53.5 points since February. In May, the indicator grew by 0.6 points to 53.7 points, partially reversing April’s 0.9 point decline. Reference: Confederação Nacional da Industria – CNI
  • Brazilian Industry - Brazilian entrepreneurs are still confident

    Brazil's business climate index reached 56.0 points in October, exceeding its long-term average for the second consecutive month. Compared to the previous year (October 2016), the index therefore posted growth of 3.7 points. Reference: Confederação...
  • Brazilian Industry - Entrepreneurs show confidence again

    After falling for two months, the Business Confidence Index (ICEI) increased to 52.6 points in August. The index surpassed the 50-point dividing line and pointed to a rising in confidence. Even though the ICEI increased in August, it remained below its...
  • Brazilian Industry - Confidence falls the second month in a row

    The Brazilian business climate index fell in July 2017 compared to the previous month by 1.3 points to 50.6 points. Compared with July 2016, the Brazilian business climate index shows a growth of 3.3 points. However, it is still below its historical...
  • Brazilian Industry - Confidence continues to trend upward

    In November, the Business Confidence Index (ICEI) increased by 0.5 points on a month-over-month basis and hit the mark of 56.5 points. The index has been above its historical average for the third consecutive month and reached its highest point since...
  • Brazilian Industry - Confidence falls in June

    After holding relatively steady for four months, the Business Confidence Index (ICEI) stood at 51.9 points in June, down by 1.8 points on a month-over-month basis. Entrepreneurs are still confident, but their confidence declined between May and June....
  • Brazilian Industry - A new level of confidence

    The Brazilian Confidence Index increased by 1.8 points from November to December 2017. He reached 58.3 points, the best result since November 2012, when the index quoted 58.4 points. Reference: Confederação Nacional da Industria – CNI
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