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Services for trade fairs and events in Brazil

Full service, so that your exhibition appearance will be a success

We organize your Trade fair, Exhibition or Event in Brazil

Trade fairs, Exhibitions and Events are always an experience!

In order to make this truly to an experience for your customers and your company and to achieve the desired success, a lot of work has to be invested in preparation first. From A like arrangements for the fair participants to Z like Zip ties; everything has to be thought of so that the event runs smoothly.

But a trade fair does not just mean preparation, because even after the exhibition days the fair is not over. The dismantling of the exhibition stand must be organized and monitored, and the exhibits must be transported back to your company.
Furthermore, what benefits a trade fair, if the collected contacts and information are not processed and reworked?
Often the experience or the human resources are missing to organize a successful trade fair. It will be even more complicated if the fair is to take place abroad and you do not have a reliable local partner who takes care of everything; additionally linguistic and cultural barriers often arise.

If you plan to participate an exhibition, a congress or events in Brazil, leave the organization to us as professionals, with excellent project managers and a very wide network of reliable partners.
Our offer is aimed both to companies that have established themselves at the Brazilian market and companies that want to find out the export potential of their products or services, e.g. engineering, from abroad to the Brazilian market.

Or you would like to participate a trade fair in Brazil as a visitor, to make contacts and to build up cooperative partnerships; also for this we offer a comprehensive organization service.

The possibilities are infinite ... let us know your ideas!


Our scope of services:

Exhibition advice
- Selection of the fair
- Definition of company objectives
- Definition of a cost framework

Conception planning
- Scheduling
- Booth design
- Communication
- Staff planning
- Budget planning

Planning and implementation
- Registration documents
- Booth construction
- Assembling and dismantling of the booth
- Logistics
- Selection and briefing of the exhibition staff
- Budget monitoring
- Flow control

- Catering
- Exhibition staff
   (Hostesses, Service staff, Promoter,
- Hotel and Event reservations for
   exhibition staff and customers
- Print media
- Transfers and vehicle reservations
- Competition monitoring
- Processing and post-processing of
   customers information
- Professional photography and filming