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With MIKROMAT to the productive μ

Mikromat - Precise CNC machine tools and grinding machines "Made in Germany"

The company Mikromat GmbH in Dresden (Germany) is an mechanical engineering company specializing in the development and production of high-precision CNC machining machines for the working techniques of drilling and milling as well as grinding.

The company's history goes back to the year 1863, when MIKROMAT was founded as a machine factory for the production of household sewing machines. The production program was very soon be extended to the production of column type lathes, polishing machines as well as drilling and milling machines.

These years of experience over several generations has meant that every year many high-precision CNC milling and grinding machines (coordinate, round and profile grinding machines) are installed in the international market.


MIKROMAT - precision portals are the world's leading technology for precision machining. With the exchangeable head systems, Mikromat have upgraded the vertical JIG machine to a horizontal precision machine, and with the option of coordinate grinding, a machine for high-precision machining has been produced.

Decades of experience in the production and use of vertical and horizontal JIG boring machines and JIG milling machines have defined a new type of machine for JIG 5-side and 5-axis machining. Precision is determined by the totality of the finishing process. The complete finishing of the work piece in once clamping is the most efficient way for high precision.

The MIKROMAT 8V, 8V 2S and 8V HSC (JIG - Compact Series) are based on a dynamically and statically optimized design in portal style. The optimally-dimensioned machine bed and the rigid portal guarantee, in combination with the high-precision linear guidance system, long-term precision in the high accuracy range.

MIKROMAT - precision portals of the 12V, 20V and 40V range achieved by extended axis in combination with head and spindle extension system achieve maximum work space at a minimum machine size. Boring, milling and grinding technologies are all fully integrated.

With the use of an automatic tool changer (ATC), a higher level of system automation can be achieved. The automatic tool change can take place in the vertical main spindle as well as in the horizontal or vertical machining heads. The number of tool stations of the magazine is variable. The tools are changed outside the working area, thereby allowing the full working area to remain usable, and collisions are avoided.


MIKROMAT thread grinders (G-Series) have been designed for precision machining of workpieces, featuring most different symmetrically as well intricate profiles. Internal and external shapes can be grind.
The CNC-Controller developed by MIKROMAT provides for precise interpolation of all the axes as well as reliable and comfortable programming. The easy operating oriented and operator-interface based programs can be drawn up directly or via interface to the machine. Any movement required for grinding as well as dressing of the grinding wheels is a controlled one and equipped with digital drive assemblies.

The MIKROMAT grinding machines produced and machined, among other things, driving screws and adjusting screws of different design, threading tools and limit plug gauges and also various types of spindles, as well as special parts such as thread rollers, regulating wheels as well as transport drums for centreless grinding, screws for screw pumps or pinions for gear pumps.

The rotational form and thread grinding machines are characterized by their high production quality, performance, universality and comfort. Due to the technical parameters, the machines can be used efficiently for the intensive and finishing grinding of various work piece geometries, with high effectiveness and the highest level of precision.

Special machines & Special solutions, Industry 4.0

In addition to the V series and the G series, MIKROMAT offers special machines and special solutions as well as the intelligent networking of product development, production, logistics and customers according to »Industry 4.0«.

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