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Excellence in XXL-machining

Schiess - The specialist for large machine tools "Made in Germany"

Founded in 1866 by Ernst Schiess, the company became to one of the world's largest manufacturers of large machine tools. Today the headquarter of the Schiess GmbH is located in the city of Aschersleben (Germany), about 230 km southwest of Germany's capital, Berlin. For more than 150 years, SCHIESS has been designing and manufacturing holistically solutions for the international mechanical and industrial engineering sectors as well as tool manufacturers with its know-how and expertise.
SCHIESS's machine tools stand for precision, quality, stability, reliability and performance. Hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide, where more than 6,000 machines have been installed, can confirm this.

SCHIESS designs all series as modular construction kits. This makes it possible to adapt a basic machine to its individual processing tasks.
SCHIESS is thus able to offer the most useful solutions for a wide variety of manufacturing tasks. These include, for example, the machining of housing parts for the wind power plants, high-precision and heavy machining for large parts in mechanical engineering, heavy turning and milling operations for the production of turbine housings and the machining of large gearboxes.

SCHIESS is continuously developing its products with a team of more than 40 engineers and project developers.


These portal turning/milling centers in table and gantry design are among the largest and most innovative machine tools in the world. Any combination of manufacturing processes such as turning, drilling and milling can be realized. With the addition of the relevant accessories, grinding and boring can also be performed by our turning and milling centers. The VERTIMASTER series is equipped with the most up-to-date drive and control engineering for the highest possible precision and optimal performance.


SCHIESS is the only manufacturer in the world to offer a multi-functional single-turret carousel lathe. The multifunctional single column vertical turning lathe VME is based on the know-how gained with the VERTIMASTER series. Technological processes such as turning, drilling and milling can be carried out in just one set-up, which is particularly important when it comes to complex rotation-symmetrical workpieces with especially large dimensions.


This horizontal milling and boring machine in traveling column design is notable for its high dynamics, precision and efficiency. A modular guiding system of identical components is used for all linear axes. The hydrostatically guided ram is equipped with integrated drives. The continuously positionable C-axis, integrated in the ram, can also be used as a feed axis. The tried and tested Masterhead-System is sufficiently flexible to allow all of the machining units to be changed for technical reasons while in fully automatic mode.


These portal milling machines in a table design are remarkable for their precision, efficiency and ease of operation and servicing. The machine bed, machining table, column, connection part and cross rail are high-quality cast products. The cross rail is infinitely adjustable.


The high-performance ASCATURN series combines machining processes such as turning, drilling and milling in one set-up. This saves time and guarantees the precise and effective machining of workpieces with diameters of up to 2.5 m and weights of up to 16 tons. Together with an automatic head and tool changer, the ASCATURN can be adapted quickly to suit different production requirements.


SCHIESS is taking its longstanding success as a manufacturer of efficient and high-precision boring mills to the next level with the ASCARAPID series of boring mills. The modular design of the ASCARAPID series offers every user an attractive price/performance ratio for a large number of applications. With the ASCARAPID, SCHIESS offers a table-type boring mill for powerful heavy cutting or highly accurate finishing.

Service & Retrofit

As an alternative to new investments, SCHIESS offers the modernization of obsolete and unprofitable plants. Experienced engineers develop solutions to help your machine meets again the highest technological requirements. Experienced personnel and cooperating Brazilian companies are responsible for the retrofit and service.
This applies to repairs, overhauls and modernization of our own machine tools, as well as for machine tools of other manufacturers.

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